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"Dent is gone, Like it was never there! But it wasn’t magic!"

~ Simon Harris

was backing up into a driveway to get some campfire wood in my new (to me) 2015 Jeep Cherokee when I heard the muffled sound of the right rear quarter panel brushing up against a mailbox. My first thought was about needing to buy somebody a new mailbox, but luckily it was unscathed. My Jeep, however, had a fist-sized dent right in the fold over the tire. Great! What am I going to do? Leave it and answer a bazillion questions over the next several years? Try to pop it out myself? (It wouldn’t budge when I tried using the suction cup from my GPS.) There was no way I was going to a bodyshop for such a small repair.

Once I got home I called Kent’s Dents. After texting Kent some photos he said, “Let’s see if we can make that dent disappear.” I would like to say that once Kent worked his magic on the dent that it just disappeared, but it wasn’t magic. Don’t get me wrong, the dent is gone. Like it was never there! But it wasn’t magic. It was painstaking attention to detail. It was patient professionalism. It was caring about my car almost more than I did. He took his time pulling, tapping, buffing, and coaxing the metal to return to its original shape. As I watched Kent work, it was evident that he enjoys his work, and that he wants it done right. You don’t have to talk to Kent long until you also realize he is a man of integrity, and that may have been the best part of the whole experience. I was truly amazed by the results, and I even more impressed by the man behind Kent’s Dents.

Thanks for making my dent disappear!


~ Ernie R. - Lofton Chevrolet

Kent, I must commend you on the Superb Job you did on the 11 Silverado! It looks great, we decided to remove the molding from both doors!!

Thanks Very Much! You are a Professional!!!!

"Thank you Kent!"

~ Odyssey Review Request

My day started with backing my wife’s Honda Odyssey into a small tree leaving a nasty dent.

Luckily I know a guy. Kent was able to repair the damage and save me money to boot.

Now I’m happy because Momma is happy! Thank you Kent.

"Very Affordable!"

~ Keena M.

My car took a very hard ding from someone opening their door against it. It was dented right in the crease of the door and looked bad. Kent’s Dents fixed it so that it looks like new! You can not tell at all that it ever was dented!!

I thought I would have to have the whole door replaced! And it was done in such a timely manner! The price was very affordable!

"Thank you so much!!"

May 21 ~ Amanda Taylor

They fixed my car after a woman side swiped my car and now you can’t even tell!!!

Thank you so much!!

"all I could say was WOW!!!!"

June 2017 ~ K Sykes

My 2014 Charger was damaged by hail. There were small and medium size dents everywhere on the car. Kent was recommended to me by coworker. I called Kent to set up a time to have him look at it and give me his opinion if it was possible to get the dents taken out and an estimate.

He was very professional, explained what needed to be done and that he would need a couple of days with it but could get it fixed. I dropped my beat up car off with him and when I picked it up this afternoon all I could say was WOW!!!! Amazing job and all of the dents were gone. My car looks as good as new.

I can’t say enough good things about Kent and his work. I know if I’m ever in a conversation and someone says they need to have dents removed. I’m giving them Kent’s number and telling them if you want it done right he is the person to call. Thanks Kent.

"Very Affordable!"

April 2017 ~ Lavonda Cutulle

Kent did a wonderful job! My car looks perfect again! He was very professional and I would recommend him to anyone!

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